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So life has been moving at a rather fast speed, I am online a lot for now, but Chubby(Dylan) has been so fun and enjoyable to have home finally. I couldn't have been blessed with a better son. Though I would love to rant how every one that has had a child feels the need to point out what you are doing wrong, like telling me blue jeans on him is not okay and I need to stop dressing him like a little man...I feel that I am able to dress my son how I please till he is able and willing to make that choice on his own. Again, please do not yell at my son telling him to quit crying, and then go to yell at me telling me I'm stupid to bring him back home because he wasn't ready because baby's just don't randomly cry. That's funny because you just got done telling me your oldest son had started his at 7, and there was no reason why...Dylan has a reason. If I tell you leave him alone he needs his sleep I mean that, I don't mean degrade me because you don't want to hear that. It was so cute watching him lay on his side trying to pet/play with Anya. She calmed him down, and she try to put on a front about caring about him, but if he fusses she gets Denny up to take care of him. I love my Chubby so much.

So far going back to the NICU was the hardest thing I had to do with him, going to the doctor and being told they are readmitting killed me....sad thing is two friend sent me a message and offered to help me out...and all I ever asked either one to do was talk to me while I walked though a really shady part of town....They are my girls, They got my back and I lover them for that. Just showed me once again who my fake ass friends where, and I think they know who they are.

Another rant....how do they expect preemie's not to get RSV when you have people all the time coming to see him? We go to the doctor Friday, have a RN coming on Monday, and the 9th and the 29 we have clinics. It's run here, run there but don't forget to feed the baby ever three hours.

And comments are blocked because I just don't give a damn.

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